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  1. New Google Privacy Policy Combines User Data From All Google Services

    If someone watches an NBA clip online and lives in Washington, the firm could advertise Washington Wizards tickets in that person’s Gmail account. There are numerous free alternatives for search engines, email, video, maps, and other products...

  2. The Sun Never Sets on the Wide, Wide World of Online Video

    You don’t need to read English to enjoy this clip. In the 21st Century, I’d use the phrase “the sun never sets on the wide, wide world of online video” to describe the global media opportunity facing marketers.

  3. Mother's Day in 2011: Give Some Thought To Baby-boomers Divided by Digital

    Perfectly illustrated in this Supernews clip on Hulu: Yet, the obligatory phone-call might seem a little odd in this age of video-calling with Skype and always-on social updates of Facebook. Today isn't about young mums with newborns, it's about...

  4. YouTube Creator Institute Offers Video Wizards Everything Except a Quidditch Team

    Applications include two short answer questions and a maximum two-minute demonstration of the creator's craft, whether it be a short film, a clip of a personal cooking show, or a snapshot of a nature expedition.

  5. Anti Retargeting Campaign Strikes At Google In Times Square

    The clip below shows Google CEO Eric Schmidt gathering information from children as they attempt to buy ice cream from his Google truck. This avatar-style animation video was created to draw attention to Google CEO Eric Schmidt's lack of regard for...

  6. Human Flesh Search Engines in China

    A mob of Chinese ‘netizens' tracked down and punished a 21-year old video blogger whose clip they deemed unpatriotic. Gao Qianhi, a 21-year old Chinese woman, recently posted an online video of herself complaining about the huge amount of TV...

  7. Lycos Cinema Expands, Adds Video on Demand

    Clip & ship widget functions Lycos Cinema has expanded to include Video on Demand (VOD). Previously the social video platform supported ad-supported video. Our experience shows us that while film and TV fans welcome the increasing availability to...

  8. The Video Search Revolution will be Contextualized

    To give people an idea of how powerful the ad matching is, Weinberger showed a clip of the popular NBC sitcom, The Office. If you've been wondering how online video can be adequately searched or monetized, then video search company Digitalsmiths...

  9. Seven reasons to slip over to Islington for SES London

    Or watch Mike Grehan's video clip on YouTube, which covers his take on the highlights of the upcoming Search Engine Strategies London conference. Watch the Associated Press video interview of Kevin Ryan on Microsoft's Yahoo bid.