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  1. How to Build Your First Content Marketing Strategy

    Set up a customer service survey, or email customers to ask for their feedback on a recent purchase. A quick survey should do the trick. For example, maybe you're writing about a popular service that your business provides.

  2. 13 Twitter PR Secrets to Report News, Gain Publicity, & Build Relationships

    A 2013 TekGroup online newsroom survey reports a 45 percent increase of journalists flocking to Twitter with the intentions to follow company news announcements and track follow developing trends. The 140 character social networking and...

  3. SEO Your Website For Foreign Languages in Your Domestic Market

    The 2006 Common Sense Advisory ‘Can’t Read, Won’t Buy’ found 85 percent of online shoppers needed access to information in their native language before making a purchase, while a 2011 EU survey found that 90 percent of Europeans prefer browsing...

  4. 5 Strategies for Managing Twitter Across Multiple Languages

    According to a recent Eurobarometer survey, 9 out of 10 European internet users prefer browsing in their own language, adding extra weight to the argument that if you want to engage readers in non-English speaking countries, then you need to speak...