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  1. Mobile, the Ultimate Shopping Assistant, Says Google

    Customers, too, are already thinking about what they’re going to buy their loved ones and they’re turning to online retail stores to do so. Shoppers can also benefit from location data whereby they can find out which nearby stores carry the item...

  2. 3 Ways Ecommerce Websites Can Grow or Maintain Organic Search Traffic

    For example, it’s likely that a popular head term like "digital cameras" will have quite a few paid ads, PLAs and local results for nearby stores that carry cameras. As any good online marketer knows, organic traffic isn’t "free," but the ROI for...

  3. Local Search 101, Part 2

    Pick up your mobile phone and start searching for stores that are nearby that have what you want, right? There are 54.5 million mobile Internet users in the United States, representing 25 percent of online users.

  4. Highlights from the SEW Blog: August 7, 2006

    Find 'Nearby Stores' With BecomeThere's lots of data from many sources that reflects the dominant consumer shopping paradigm involving the Internet: research online, buy locally. Now has joined that illustrious group with a new "nearby...