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  1. Should the Government Decide Where You Rank at Google?

    And search engines have responded by returning a variety of different types of results in one place, such as news, local results, images, video, blog posts and yes, even comparison shopping results. For the end user, as with other search services...

  2. International Search Marketing Guide to the Holidays

    Not only do people shop online and use search engines differently, they also do things differently during the holidays. Concentrating your search efforts around quality B2C products and services and travel, you'll certainly find some success.

  3. SearchDay | Setting Expectations for SEO

    SES New York Veterans Don't Need No Schedule Optimization Posted by Greg Jarboe Mar 18, 2009 With Search Engine Strategies getting underway next week, veterans of SES New York don't need no stinking schedule optimization services -- even if I do...

  4. Implementing your Search Strategy for the Latino Market, Part 2

    Hispanic PR Wire (partnered with Business Wire) and Marketwire are the top news distribution services for targeting Latino media and search engines. In this final installment, we will look at some marketing strategies for your site, and offer a...