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  1. Black Friday Readiness With Search in Mind: Is Your Business Ready?

    Use services like Yext to push updates to IYPs (Internet yellow pages) and sharing sites immediately. The climbing popularity of consumer showrooming – checking prices and product information while shopping in stores, not to be mistaken with retail...

  2. Focusing Your Message from National to Local, Part 1

    Internet Yellow Pages Internet Yellow Pages Online Media Outlet To begin the strategic planning, first make a list of all of the possible online media outlets that can be leveraged for the brand. The naming convention and messaging for mobile...

  3. Mobile Search Discovers a New Path: mobilepeople

    This also represents a departure from traditional local search in branching out beyond just listings, reviews, and yellow pages. The idea is to pull from multiple vantage points -- yellow pages, newspapers, magazines, TV," Giga said.