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Online Retailers Price Comparison

  1. Global Mobile Advertising Opportunities: Brazil. Russia, India & China

    Retailers have begun marketing campaigns on mobile social media now along with their desktop based Facebook campaigns. Advertisers should find a way to be a part of these social media conversations due to the fact that social media has helped push...

  2. Black Friday Readiness With Search in Mind: Is Your Business Ready?

    The climbing popularity of consumer showrooming – checking prices and product information while shopping in stores, not to be mistaken with retail showrooming – the showcasing of products with the intent to drive online purchase, has been said to...

  3. How SEO Attracts & Converts Customers in the 3 Purchase Decision Phases

    Your website should be the best possible destination to purchase the solution you promote – unless you aren't in the business of direct sales to clients and customers, or there are other factors that play into the dynamic between yourself and...

  4. Google Buys Coupon Platform Incentive Targeting, Which Owns Targeted Search Patent

    A Google spokesperson issued this statement: “We look forward to working with Incentive Targeting in our ongoing efforts to help consumers save time and money and enable retailers deliver relevant discounts to the right customers.

  5. Wajam Social Search Now Includes Product Recommendations

    Wajam aims to help shopping sites and online retailers increase conversions by increasing the speed in which those social recommendations can be seen. In the wake of Google Shopping’s latest changes this may be just what the doctored ordered for...

  6. Microsoft Launches Live Search Cashback and Live Search Farecast

    While some critics have criticized the program as a bribe, in practice it's no different than Google Checkout rebates or DoubleClick Performics CPA campaigns for retailers. Key partners include top Internet retailers eBay, Barnes &

  7. Online Shopping, on your Phone

    Fortunately, most major online retailers have slimmed-down search interfaces that let you quickly access product information from your phone. Most online comparison shopping sites are rich with text and graphic images displaying all manner of info...