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  1. One Man's Keywords are Another Man's List of Forbidden 'Newsspeak' Words and Phrases

    On reflection, the people who really should attend are editors and journalists, including anchors and reporters at TV and radio stations. Feder reported that Tribune Company CEO Randy Michaels had issued a "list of forbidden 'newsspeak' words and...

  2. For Local Search, It's All About the Online-Offline Gap

    I can do everything: create our AdWords campaign, choose the newspapers and stations, upload radio spots, negotiate with publishers, see and hear our actual ads, and track performance down to the city level with Google Analytics," said GolfNow...

  3. Radio Embraces Search Marketing

    Radio stations seem ready to work on the inevitable cannibalization issues -- and it will be interesting to track their revenue growth online as these digital radio heads push forward. When it comes to radio stations, search marketing tops the list...

  4. Inside AdWords and Contextual Advertising: The Tipping Point

    For example, Google supplies audio advertisers with a free bank of toll-free phone numbers, so response rates of individual ads or radio stations can be easily tracked. Advertisers can place ads in print (newspapers), audio (radio) and video (TV).