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  1. Black Friday Readiness With Search in Mind: Is Your Business Ready?

    TVs, home electronics, or gaming). The climbing popularity of consumer showrooming – checking prices and product information while shopping in stores, not to be mistaken with retail showrooming – the showcasing of products with the intent to drive...

  2. Google Showcases Back-to-School Shopping Trends and Ecommerce Opportunity

    Consumer electronics shoppers were more likely to make a purchase if there was a back to school promotion, free shipping offer or one day sale. We found that people are more sale conscious when buying consumer electronics than other school supplies.

  3. Study: Social Media's Hot, Entertainment's Not

    Those services included searches for airline tickets and price comparisons for consumer electronics. With the rise of social media, advertising needs to change so that it involves the consumer. Look to Facebook as the first baby-step, where a...

  4. Survey Looks At Spend On Clothing, Personal Care Products & Electronics

    It gives some details on spending on clothing, consumer electronics and the fact that nearly 20 percent of us will indeed buy toothpaste and other personal care products online. Nearly 1/4 purchase computer equipment and electronics online (pretty...

  5. Search Engine Marketing and Branding Challenges

    Doug Topken is Director of Internet Strategy at Sharp Electronics, a diversified manufacturer of consumer and business products as well as an OEM of electronic components. Case study: Sharp Electronics

  6. Outsourcing Search Engine Marketing

    Electronics Talk Mar 11 2004 11:00AM GMT SEOPros aims to provide consumer information about the services search engine optimization consultants and firms offer. As businesses face greater competition online, advertise across a wider range of...