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  1. Modern Social Bookmarking – Not Your Older Brother’s Social Bookmark of Years Past

    Pinterest and Stumbleupon are both strong visual social news sharing portals, whereas Reddit prides itself on a strong organic community base. By the end of 2011, Reddit, Stumbleupon, and Pinterest (a 2011 new entry) began to emerge as dominant...

  2. What History Tells us About Facebook's Potential as a Search Engine, Part 1

    Although search engines cropped up in the early days, the quality of results simply weren't good enough in the beginning to drive people to use search as their main channel for web navigation, and "portals" became the primary channel for exploration.

  3. The Universal Mastery of Video Content

    Think of your video listings as portals to your target site and an opportunity to immediately engage the user with your messaging. The user was drawn to flashier, less uniform listings such as images, news results, and videos.