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  1. Google Shopping: Product Listing Ad & Feed Optimization Tips & Best Practices [Videos]

    You can turn Google PLAs into a program similar to Amazon, or a marketplace, where there's a locked in margin for your products. In this video, Rick highlights some major reasons bidding is important on Google Shopping, and how that affects your...

  2. AOL Puts Entire Original Video Library on 22 Monetized YouTube Channels

    In his post, Harnevo said, “As many of you know, video has been a key part of our overall strategy over the last few years, and since launching The AOL On Network in April of this year, we’ve seen tremendous traction in the marketplace.

  3. Social Has Crossed the Marketing Budget Chasm; Will It Drown Search?

    One thing we know to be true, however, is that social is no longer optional for businesses looking to compete in today's online marketplace. And, of course, there's the 71-year-old deodorant brand, Old Spice, who revitalized its image and appeal to...

  4. Search, Social Media & the Offline Purchase

    It's inevitable that we'll wake up in a cold sweat every so often, facing up to the reality that some consumer behaviors can't be measured intuitively, certain audiences just can't be segmented, and the occasional performance metric actually does...