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  1. Obama Beats Romney Early in Digital Marketing Race

    However, we might also note that in April 2008 Obama was still locked in a fierce primary battle with Senator Hillary Clinton and he was a newcomer on the national scene, whereas Romney is coming off his own 2008 run for President and the public...

  2. Hillary Clinton out-Googled by Barack Obama 2008 campaign

    Was the more seasoned Hillary Clinton presidential campaign out-Googled by the more search savvy Barack Obama 2008 campaign? BNN (Business Network News) recently interviewed Kate Kay, who explained that the Barack Obama 2008 campaign also used pay...

  3. Barack Obama is Rocking the Youth Vote

    For some reason, political pundits are finding it difficult to understand why Barack Obama is getting more of the "youth vote" in the Democratic presidential primaries than Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton's Social Media Usage