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  1. Google Buys Frommer’s Travel Guides in Yet Another Contested Move as a Content Publisher

    Google used to pay Yelp in order to use their reviews on Google Maps. He takes a stab at what Google will do with Frommer’s in a recent article: the obvious guess is that Google will Zagat-ize Frommer’s, de-emphasizing professionally-produced...

  2. Local Search Listings: Most Relevant Search Results Regardless of Medium

    This is followed by hours of operation, maps, website URL, distance to business and driving directions. And these listings must be accurate (e.g.the phone number is correct, the website is listed and any relevant user reviews are connected).

  3. How to Use QR Codes for Better Conversion Rates

    QR codes can store 133 times more data than a UPC (1D barcode) including letters and numbers which enables storage of various content – hyperlinks, maps, phone numbers, email, and more. Smartphones are able to interpret the appropriate mobile app...