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  1. Daily SearchCast, July 27, 2006: Daily SearchCast's First Birthday!; Microsoft Hires 10,000; Baidu Cuts HP Deal; Google Ranking Changes; Google: The Musical & More!

    The Seattle Pi reports that Microsoft has broke their own hiring records, by hiring 10,081 new employees worldwide over the past fiscal year. Revolution Magazine reports that Yahoo has partnered with British Telecom to share the "Phone Book" data.

  2. The Search Engine Update, April 15, 2003, Number 147

    How about album covers for Blue Note records, or Chateau Mouton Rothschild Wine Labels? Want a look at a Time Magazine cover from 1923? A Beacon of Hope for MSN BusinessWeek, April 7, 2003

  3. Vanishing Act: The U.S. Government's Disappearing Data

    And if you don't believe that, see the Audits and Surveys of State Freedom of Information laws (link below), which reports on the project by a number of news agencies to request public information from a variety of agencies in 19 states; they were...

  4. Ferrrari Searching on a Volkswagen Budget

    The "pay as you go" choice lets you select the general type of research you'll be doing -- legal, news, company and financial information or public records --and pay per document. For a more in-depth discussion of the ad-hoc pricing options of the...