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  1. SEO, Demand Generation & Content Marketing: 5 Takeaways From Joe Pulizzi

    Pulizzi is also the founder of The Content Marketing Institute, Content Marketing World and Chief Content Officer Magazine. There was a time when saying the same thing a little better than the last person was enough to build authority online.

  2. Racist YouTube Video Epicenter of Bizarre Advertising Contract Dispute

    It's no wonder they would want to dissociate their law firm from the video Time Magazine is calling "the most racist 'not racist' ad for a law firm. In this case, all publicity is not good publicity, especially for a company asking clients to trust...

  3. Integrated PPC: A Mind Meld Across Online Marketing Tactics

    PPC” to layer on top of my print ads in the magazine. Has your online media become a silo within a silo? Often times as marketers we tend to focus on the strategy and implementation of our tactics so intently that we forget they...

  4. 22 Facebook PR Secrets Every Community Manager Should Know

    Today’s community manager can double as a magazine editor by day and DJ by night, spinning content to match the mood, audience, and atmosphere of the daily Facebook newsfeed. Two of the latest online marketing business books uncovered some Facebook...