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  1. Click to Call, Cross-Device Conversions Deliver AdWords Revenue Lift for 1-800-Flowers

    Optimization and scaling of any CTC campaigns requires a clear documentation of conversions happening via the phone once the customer acts on the SEM ad. Click to call should be an integral part of any e-commerce or lead generation search engine...

  2. 4 Ways B2B SEO Tactics Augment Event Marketing Initiatives

    Review of copy for keyword optimization and link references in traditional marketing collateral. The most interesting takeaway for B2B search engine marketers involves the correlation between content marketing and event marketing.

  3. How SEO Attracts & Converts Customers in the 3 Purchase Decision Phases

    Most who optimize know that optimization for brand, product/service, and location can greatly increase visibility in search engine results. As with any SEO effort, measurement, analysis and ongoing optimization will be required to fully realize the...

  4. PRWEb and PitchEngine: SEO Smart/SMO Sexy Newsmakers

    Search engine optimization (SEO) Regardless of the distribution service being used, brands need to remember the writing and optimization will influence the search and social success of your content, whether it's a press release, tweet, post or video.

  5. Lead Scoring: How B2B Search Marketers Can Lead the Process

    Make sure that at least the basic optimization strategies are incorporated into landing pages where form submissions will be presented. Cross-links from relevant pages and sections of the website to increase user and search engine visibility.

  6. How B2B Search Engine Marketers Can Better Impact the B2B Buying Process

    In turn, this creates even more opportunity for the integration of keyword strategy and optimization of content for search. Key findings from the benchmark report, for B2B search engine marketers to consider, include:

  7. 4 Key Recommendations for B2B SEO in Industrial Markets

    B2B search engine marketers should help spearhead that effort through keyword research and landing page optimization for new content generated. Here's a general summation of recommendations I wrote in an article detailing on savvy B2B with respect...

  8. State of Search: Strong SEM Industry Growth Projected in 2011

    Search Engine Optimization Out of 11 specific components of search engine marketing, the rise of mobile Internet was selected by the participants as the highest impact on search marketing for 2011, with 79 percent of companies saying mobile will be...