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Online Fraud

  1. 4 Pitfalls to Avoid Heading Into the Holidays

    We’ve also experienced a huge spike in volume that was all part of a client’s strategy, but Google flagged it for fraud and the account was offline for several hours. is forecasting digital to growing 8 to 11 percent given the growth of...

  2. Google Buys Coupon Platform Incentive Targeting, Which Owns Targeted Search Patent

    Some other exemplary applications of the techniques described herein can include, identifying website/e-commerce users by their behavior, identifying possible criminals or terrorists based on specific behaviors from a database of activities...

  3. 7 Stages of “Do Not Track” Grief: A Survival Guide for Analysts & Online Marketers

    Various legislative committees and governing bodies are interested in protecting the public’s privacy because fraud costs billions a year. What is a web analyst or online marketer to do? Online marketing is at the very pinnacle of big data.

  4. Vitaly Borker Gets 4 Years for Threats, Terror Used to Boost Google Rankings

    By May 2011, Borker’s gig was up and he pled guilty to charges of fraud and sending threatening communications. Vitaly Borker’s online reign of terror, once used as his SEO strategy, has earned the failed entrepreneur four years in federal prison.

  5. Facebook Ads 80% Bot Claim, Examined! Why You Shouldn’t Lose Faith Just Yet

    It is also funny to note that they apparently did not think this would be a big deal, even though they accused the largest social community on earth of not cleaning up fraud. Seasoned online marketers are aware of bot clicks on ads from Google, to...

  6. Why Facebook Ad Haters Are Wrong – Here’s How Marketers Can Do Better

    Competitor sabotage or click fraud - both against the terms of service and detectable. Even companies selling online, internationally, need to set up campaigns targeting specific types of consumers. In "Facebook ‘likes’ and adverts’ value doubted...

  7. How to Run Foreign Language PPC Campaigns

    You should also keep an eye out for instances of potential click-fraud. English remains the single most widely used language online. Although SEO should be an important part of any online marketing strategy, it can take time to yield conversions.

  8. SOPA, PIPA On Hold, But a New Threat on Horizon

    It is a virtual world where thousands of crimes are carried out every day--including telemarketing fraud, drug trafficking, human trafficking, cyber attacks, and terrorist plots. The problem of online piracy is too big to ignore.

  9. Security and Responsibility on the Virtual Frontier

    As more people live more of their day to day lives amongst the online community, no matter what form it may take- your online banking system, your twitter account, your Playstation Network account, whatever- it's clear that there need to be...