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  1. Hedge funds ‘cannot be too paranoid' on reputational risk

    Ensuring what they demand is in short supplyHedge fund owners need to pay close attention to their online digital footprints. Although much of a person's online footprint can be uncovered through some relatively simple searches, the web has a habit...

  2. Thanksgiving 2014 - What I’m Grateful for in SEO

    You will see that many substantial influencers within the online marketing sphere come to Ward’s defense, including Marie Haynes and wouldn’t you know it: It is a source of contention whether their efforts are too draconian, and that’s understandable.

  3. Centralizing Location Data: 3 Steps to Local SEO Success

    Unfortunately, as it does for so many businesses, updating our online location information was relegated toward the bottom of the move's priority list and we had to put off addressing this critical task until two weeks had passed in our new space.

  4. The Perennial SEO Audit – Creating an Effective Framework for Keeping Your Campaign Running at Peak Performance

    Inevitably there will be mentions of your site/company online where the link back to your site may be missing or incorrect. While the direct impact on SEO is very low, these metrics are worth tracking as they can help with outreach campaigns and...

  5. Marin Software Adds Support for Russia's Largest Search Engine

    According to data published in 2013 by Morgan Stanley, Yandex is used by 61 percent of regular online consumers with 40 percent of commercial searches starting with Yandex. Marin says advertisers can leverage its platform to gain a better...

  6. Last-Minute SEO - Here Come the Holidays!

    But then the bad news: your in-house SEO team or online marketing agency tells you it’s too late - maybe they can get some results, but highly competitive and valued terms cannot be reached without the risk of incurring Google’s wrath or at least...