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  1. Google’s Human Trafficking Ad Policy Questioned

    Escort services Other adult sexual services. Additionally, Google bans ads for illegal products and services, which likely covers human trafficking. A National Association of Human Trafficking Victim Advocates letter accuses Google of allowing ads...

  2. Valentine’s Day 2012 Ideas for Marketers

    If your business offers any of the following services below, you should bid on them as millions of people are searching for them: Include Seasonal References: Affirm what the searcher is looking for, for example, “New year, new love” and “Find...

  3. EU Asks Advertisers: Does Google Manipulate Its Search Results?

    If Google introduced its competing vertical online search services after you introduced yours, please explain what was the impact on your business if any. Explain whether you've automatically opted in to the provision of other advertising services...

  4. The Revenue Stream: or, "You gonna pay for that porn, boy?"

    But I'm sure other online dating services do, so the point is still valid. If your goal is a combination of traffic and money (and in an online environment that's usually what it comes down to), what Mickey suggested really isn't a bad way to go...

  5. What Can TV Learn from Search?

    In other words, watching "Anchorman" doesn't say anything about my interest in dating services, but rather my interest in comedy, Will Ferrell, or Christina Applegate (though that last one doesn't take much to assume).

  6. The Role of the Brand in Social Media Marketing

    By observing, you'll uncover not only the ideas to build or deploy relevant tools, services or campaigns, but also the methods and strategies for creating genuine excitement and participation. People online are seeking new ways to connect and be...

  7. Advertising Placements by Industry and Top Sponsored Links, March 2007

    Public services Financial services Retail goods and services Financial services Public services Retail goods and services free+online+dating+sites chat MicroNutra Health diabetic+pastries diabetic+food+online gout