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  1. Promote Yourself: 5 Rules for Career Success From Dan Schawbel

    You can learn to code for free or learn anything from web design to music via free online courses. What others choose to put online about you reflects even more. Positioned as a guide for millennials, "Promote Yourself", released on September 3...

  2. Higher Education Searches Rise on Google, Reveal Marketing Opportunity [Study]

    Also of interest was the 142 percent growth YOY in terms related to MOOCs (massive open online courses). Attention marketers: demand is high on mobile devices for higher education info, and online programs from traditional universities are highly...

  3. AdWords for Video Makes Reporting More Consistent, Goal-Oriented & Prettier

    For example, to encourage enrollment for online courses, Berkleemusic posts video music lessons and in-depth clinics with professors to give prospective students a true-to-life preview of online study with this renowned school.

  4. Innovate or Die: Where Will SEM (and You) be in 5 Years?

    Most colleges (not just UBC/UCLA and market motive) will have Internet marketing training courses, and will be churning out graduates a dime a dozen. With the current innovation in search engine marketing (SEM) and the seismic shift of offline...

  5. Susan Bratton Talks Persuasion, Seduction & Conversion at SES San Francisco

    Bratton encouraged participants to skip the ad agencies and try their own hand at copywriting; she recommends Fast Effective Copywriting and Simple Writing System as good online courses for those who wish to improve their skills.

  6. YouTube Creator Institute Offers Video Wizards Everything Except a Quidditch Team

    Participants will learn everything from story arcing to cinematography, money-making strategies to social media tactics -- although there don't appear to be any courses on Astronomy, Charms, Defence Against the Dark Arts, Herbology, History of...

  7. Are the Brains of Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization Sartorially Challenged?

    He teaches courses in the Rutgers Mini-MBA program. Also on the list is Mona Elesseily, Vice President, Online Marketing Strategy at Page Zero Media. He's the CEO of TopRank Online Marketing and a member of the SES Advisory Board.

  8. Juliette Powell, Author of 33 Million People in the Room, Teaching Rutgers Mini-MBA: Digital Marketing Courses

    And I'll be teaching two of the courses, Social Media Marketing and Online PR Strategies. Well, I found out this week that Juliette Powell, author of 33 Million People in the Room: How to Create, Influence, and Run a Successful Business with Social...

  9. Testing Apple iPad Tablet in New Rutgers Mini-MBA Digital Marketing Program

    I should disclose that I'll be teaching two of the courses, Social Media Marketing and Online PR Strategies. And Matt Bailey, the President of SiteLogic, will also be teaching two courses, Overview: Digital Marketing Strategy and Digital Brand...