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  1. Google Blocks Child Abuse Images on 100,000 Search Terms

    In a piece written for the Daily Mail, Google's executive chairman Eric Schmidt insisted his firm had listened to the government, and has added 200 people to its books dedicated to finding and removing images of child abuse.

  2. Halloween Inspired SEO Tricks to Keep Spiders at Bay

    When you get a chance to do so, go ahead and “splog” other’s guest books and forums. Over the years, I’ve made a habit of prodigiously extolling search engine best practices per contra to taking shortcuts designed to trick search engines into...

  3. 22 Facebook PR Secrets Every Community Manager Should Know

    Two of the latest online marketing business books uncovered some Facebook fashion forward thinking designed with community managers in mind. In order to stay ahead of the competition, you might have to download a book or two, attend a webinar or...

  4. Guy Kawasaki Talks Content Marketing, Social & Google+

    Not just with books, but with content in general. That's according to Guy Kawasaki, the New York Times bestselling author of "Enchantment" and 11 other books, including "The Art of the Start". Takeaways: I love the book and think it's great for...

  5. How to Create a Visible & Engaging LinkedIn Profile

    This is a great place to provide link addresses of supportive and contact information, such as your website, your blog (if hosted off-site), your e-mail address, reports/articles/whitepapers/books you have published, and links to video content.