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  1. Search Engine Marketing Checklist for Hotel Marketers

    There are four key channels consumers use when searching for and booking hotels online. These four major online channelsare: Search engines Comparison websites Hotel booking engine websites Hotel chain/brand websites

  2. Know Your Platforms: AdWords vs. AdWords Express

    Smart businesses know that in order to reach consumers these days, many of them need online advertising. AdWords: If you’ve got the time to manage online campaigns – ideally an extra five to 15 hours per week minimum – then AdWords might be for you.

  3. Cross-Device Measurement: Believe the Hype

    As multi-device consumption becomes the standard for consumers, marketers need to clearly understand mobile measurement and the analytics available to stay ahead of the curve. Identifying consumers on desktop versus tablets versus smartphones and...

  4. 49% of U.K. Consumers Use Organic Search to Find Online Retailers [Study]

    Forty-nine percent of consumers in the U.K.leverage organic search as the main point of entry to e-commerce shopping sites, but only 35 percent of online retailers in the U.K.believe consumers find their website through the organic channel.

  5. Why Retailers Should Start Their Pay-Per-Click Christmas Campaigns Now

    Its peak performance is in July, followed by April - a time where most would believe that consumers are still thinking about how full they were from eating at the last Christmas period, let alone thinking about next Christmas' gifts already.

  6. Court Rules Yelp May Demand Money for Adding and Removing Reviews

    According to Nielson and Yelp's own reporting, 98 percent of consumers who visit businesses they find on Yelp make a purchase. Nielson further estimates that 44 percent of consumers surveyed use Yelp and that Yelp is considered almost one and a...

  7. Marin Software Adds Support for Russia's Largest Search Engine

    According to data published in 2013 by Morgan Stanley, Yandex is used by 61 percent of regular online consumers with 40 percent of commercial searches starting with Yandex. Marin says advertisers can leverage its platform to gain a better...

  8. Google Dorking: Feds Warn Against Malicious Cyber Actors

    Webmasters or consumers simply searching for specific information are not doing anything wrong. Try to avoid publishing sensitive information online. The Department of Homeland Security, the FBI, and the National Counterterrorism Center have issued...