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  1. SearchDay | The Geometry of SEM -- What's your Angle?

    Second Edition) Is Hot Off The Press Posted by Greg Jarboe Sep 30, 2008 Run, don't walk, to your favorite bookstore and pick up a copy of Search Engine Marketing, Inc. It's online, it's free and it generates WebTrends data collection tags, which...

  2. New Search Patent Applications: June 5, 2006 - Taking Care of Web Decay, Dead Links, and Parked Domains

    The inventors listed in the following patent application are employees, though the document hasn't been assigned to Amazon, and examples within the document include searches for books within an online bookstore.

  3. Internet Top Information Resource, Study Finds

    Bookstore A study that monitored 74 people over four days during the Fall of 2000 shows that Americans need answers to four questions per day, spend nearly 9 hours per week looking for those answers, online or off, and that the Internet has become...