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  1. As Digital Ad Effectiveness Measurement Improves, Are Branding Ad Dollars Ready to Follow?

    That said, as digital becomes increasingly effective at demonstrating quantifiable results and as video ad inventory grows, we're witnessing a clear paradigm shift that is putting it in the same conversation as TV.

  2. Top Video Trends & Opportunities: Mobile, Social, Ads & TV Everywhere [Report]

    Not surprisingly, ads placed at the beginning of a video result in significantly more impressions than the other two types of positions. Ads placed at the end of a video have a better click-through rate – about 3 percent –when compared to ads...

  3. Top 10 High Impact Google AdWords Innovations to Watch Now

    In limited release, Media Ads contain a video component served in the AdWords ad in search results. The enhanced sitelinks look like four other ads attached to the primary mother ad. Searchers can become more interactive with ads by watching video...