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  1. Google AdWords Keyword Match Types and Negatives: The Ultimate Guide

    This video shows how to the find the report: For example a search query for "cheap laptops" shouldn't trigger the ad with "cheap" as a negative. Broad match allows your ad to show on similar phrases and close variations of the keyword.

  2. AdWords for Video Makes Reporting More Consistent, Goal-Oriented & Prettier

    This ability to run the option play has enabled Google sites, driven primarily by, to become the leading video ad property. Select the Branding objective in the “Columns” drop down to see how broadly a video ad was viewed.

  3. Top 10 High Impact Google AdWords Innovations to Watch Now

    There are two links from this ad, one to the landing page and another to the video view. In limited release, Media Ads contain a video component served in the AdWords ad in search results. Searchers can become more interactive with ads by watching...

  4. Smaller-Screen Creative: Why Smartphones & Tablets Aren't Created Equal

    Along with the expected increase in spending, the shift to “sexier” mobile ad creative has its own trajectory, with video and rich media headed toward an increase of more than 50 percent by 2015. Tablet users enjoy a more relaxed browsing...