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  1. Mobile Ad Spend to Hit $1 Billion, Media & Search Ads Expanding [Report]

    Although The Onion's story about the 4S's capabilities may be the best coverage. EMarketer has released analysis of mobile ad spending that predicts decreased investment in message-based ads and dramatically increased investment in banner, search...

  2. St. Basil's Cathedral Google Logo Marks 450th Anniversary of Russian Landmark

    The famous Russian landmark, which features nine multi-colored onion-shaped domes and is located outside of the Kremlin in Moscow’s Red Square, replaces the “l” in Google’s famous logo. A Google Doodle today is marking the 450th anniversary of St.

  3. SEM Tools of the Experts

    Now I have to learn more about onion routing. In this industry, people's advice varies on which tools are the best, so always take this into consideration when weighing your options. To prove this point, I asked a group of industry experts a simple...

  4. Was Google's AP announcement a PR disaster?

    And Google News has just announced -- as the Onion once did -- that this "scrappy band of lovable misfits is no match for rich kids. Josh Cohen, the business product manager for Google News, made the announcement by posting an item at 10:48 a.m.on...