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  1. SearchDay | How to Communicate SEO Value

    Ask.coms removal of Jeeves seemed to hurt them, FindWhat and eSpotting merger and . Search Engine Watch Experts Columns The reason appears to be that multi-channel marketers are funneling more money to search, which has strong data on ROI.â””With...

  2. Powerset Launches Piggybackipedia: Wikipedia Search Engine

    Think Ask Jeeves 1.5) The advantage to the user, aside from using questions similar to what one person would ask another verbally, is that a natural language search engine would, depending on its underlying programming, return a result that is more...

  3. Is Search Recession-Proof?

    Prior to co-founding Reprise Media, Joshua was VP of business development and syndication at Ask Jeeves (now, and co-founder and president of Rotomedia, a boutique consulting and advertising firm.

  4. Ask and LookSmart Send Out Click Fraud Settlement Letters

    The proposed settlement will provide advertising credits to class members who certify that they were the victims of "click fraud" or other invalid or improper clicks on online advertisements purchased from IAC Search & Media, Inc.and/or Ask Jeeves...

  5. Search Engine Results Chart

    Ask Jeeves While search engines display results from many different sources, usually the results from one particular source will be most dominant. Interested in being listed in the results at one of the search engines shown below?