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  1. Flap Over Political Ads Underscores Problems With Google Delay In Reviewing Ads

    Peter Hershberg, a managing partner at search engine marketing company Reprise Media, said it typically takes Google's editorial team 72 hours to remove ads that violate Google's policies. More calls that Google might be to slow in reviewing ads to...

  2. Rating Super Bowl Advertisers From A Search Marketing Perspective

    Postscript: A scorecard (PDF format) has now been posted, and Reprise talks a bit more on the survey in this blog post. Despite last week's big New York Times article looking at how search advertising has arrived in terms of Super Bowl advertisers...

  3. More Seth Godin Cluelessness On Search Marketing

    That's Godin's lead in to mention a new search blog that launched from Reprise Media that I mentioned yesterday. Peter Da Vanzo pointed over to a blog post from Seth Godin: It's either an absurd post or one calculated to bring him some attention.