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Omid Kordestani

  1. Google Confirms Yahoo-Google Deal on Friday the 13th

    Posted by Omid Kordestani, Senior VP, Global Sales and Business Development Google's official spin on the Yahoo-Google search deal portrays the pact as a technology play. Yahoo will have access to Google ad technology under the terms of the agreement.

  2. Schmidt, Brin, Page Will Once Again Earn Base Salaries of $1.00 in 2006, Other Senior Execs Get $75K Raise

    Omid Kordestani Google has just filed a report with the SEC that lists the annual base salaries (stock options and other items excluded of course) for top execs in 2006. Once again, Eric Schmidt, Sergey Brin, and Larry Page will have a base salary...

  3. Google's Omid Kordestani Talks; Larry Page Enjoys Timing Queries

    offers highlights of a conversation between John and Omid Kordestani, Senior Vice President, Global Sales and Business Development at Google. Kordestani: The business model works. Kordestani also tells JB that he thinks Google is just getting going...