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Olympic Games

  1. 5 Takeaways From the World Cup for Global Search Marketers

    Rocky Aoki, a famous Japanese Olympic wrestler and founder of Benihana restaurants, said, "You only win if you aren't afraid to lose. From the final 16 games to the World Cup final between Germany and Argentina, there was a total of 180 million...

  2. Bing to Showcase Winter Olympics Data in Search Results

    The XXII Olympic Winter Games officially open on Friday and Bing is getting ready to celebrate in a big way. If you're one of those who needs all the results and information on the athletes, Bing has all your Olympic information just a click away.

  3. The World Welcomes 2014 on Twitter, Reveals Usage Patterns

    Global events like the World Cup, the Olympic Games, or even the Oscars, might have the global importance but they aren't time-zone specific; they happen at a given point in time regardless of the rest of the world's time zone.

  4. Valentine’s Day Ferris Wheel Google Doodle Searches for a Perfect Match

    This is actually the second time Valentine’s Day has celebrated two events: in 2010, Valentine’s Day and the Winter Olympic Games were paired up (which you can see later in this post). This logo celebrated Valentine's Day as well as pairs skating...

  5. Yahoo Year in Review 2012: Election, iPhone 5 & Kim Kardashian

    Moon as Olympic ring The Hunger Games" For the 12th straight year, Yahoo has announced their annual year in review. Since 2001, Yahoo has compiled lists of the top search queries entered into the search box in an attempt to determine the year's top...

  6. The Growing Importance of International Mobile Search

    The 2012 Olympic Games provided a unique insight into the increasing popularity of international mobile search. A huge global event like the Olympic Games presents a unique set of circumstances. Google issued a report on the London 2012 games that...

  7. Social Media Rules for Athletes

    Although the 2012 Olympic games are more than a year away, social media preparations are certainly in order. This comes after the social media blunders at the last Olympic Games in Vancouver. Recently the International Olympic Committee released an...