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Old Time Keywords Tag

  1. SEO Game Change: Are You Setting the Right Expectations?

    You may find a few places on your site where you went a little crazy stuffing a meta tag or creating pages for each keyword you want to rank for when the only conceptual difference is the presence of the word “cheap” vs the word “discount”.

  2. Ecommerce Title Tags: Top 5 Ways to Increase Clicks

    By writing out key terms as exact match “emerald dresses” vs.casual emerald cotton dresses” in the title tag, the page will more likely match the broader term. A consumers knows from this title tag that she will be able to directly shop and buy...

  3. Evolving Your SEO: Moving Toward a Content Marketing Approach

    Make sure that each piece of content has an optimized title tag, keyword-focused copy, strong meta description, and optimized inbound links from related content. Couple this report with time-on-site metrics, pages viewed, and a traditional SEO...

  4. Domain Names With Geo Specific Keywords Offer Local Ranking Opportunities [Study]

    UCLA Spring Break 2012 outpaced any other university search term by three spots without receiving the advantage of a mention in the title tag. The goal was to evaluate the performance of a related series of keywords in 10 different geographic...