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Ohio State University

  1. March Madness = Search and AdWords Madness?

    They have been bidding on some expected keywords, including honing in on particular universities such as North Carolina, Ohio State University, Kansas and naturally, Louisville. It has finally come to a close with the University of Louisville...

  2. Special Events, Express Clinics, Theatre Presentations, and Training Workshops at SES London 2011

    You may even learn some of the latest tips and trends from Yanks -- even fans of The Ohio State University Buckeyes. If you tally everything up, there are nearly 100 sessions presented by the industries top insiders on a host of key areas.

  3. Early Bird Saves Up To $300 on Conference Pass to SES Chicago 2010

    The conference will be held before "The Game" between the University of Michigan Wolverines and The Ohio State University Buckeyes on November 27, 2010. This has meant that I've had to wear an Ohio State sweatshirt at the SES Chicago conference in...

  4. 4 Reasons to Go to SES Chicago

    So, depending on whether you are a graduate of the University of Michigan or The Ohio State University, I encourage you to come to Chicago in December to see who is wearing which sweatshirt this year.

  5. Matt Bailey Discusses SEO, SEM and OSU at SES

    And, when he gets feisty about the Ohio State Buckeyes, I have to draw the line. Despite (or because of) the fact that he's from Ohio, he actually does have a lot of interesting things to say about using analytics to increase search effectiveness.