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  1. How Video Site NDN is Driving 500 Million+ Video Views Per Month

    Our official kickoff was the 2008 Democratic Convention in Denver. The top four video content properties in comScore's December 2013 video rankings are well-known brand names: Google sites, driven primarily by video viewing at...

  2. Matt Cutts Says 'Stop' Guest Blogging for SEO: Here's Everything You Need to Know

    In other words, despite the official Google webmaster help posting videos regarding the dangers of guest blogging, many either weren't paying attention or were outright ignoring the signs. We've been seeing the writing on the wall for quite some...

  3. The 2014 Super Bowl Commercials Just Kicked Off

    As Leena El-omar, YouTube Sports and Auto Programs, said in a post on YouTube's Official Blog, "It's clear how much you love watching and sharing these commercials on YouTube. Based on new data released by Unruly Media, digital marketers now know...

  4. New Google Publisher Plugin for WordPress Lets You Verify Your Site, Manage AdSense

    To help WordPress webmasters with two Google products, AdSense and Webmaster Tools, Google has released a new official WordPress plugin. There is a lot of potential for an official Google plugin. This is Google's first official WordPress plugin.