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  1. 10 Quick Paid Search Copy Tips to Improve Your Click-Through Rates

    Make It "Official" This one may not make sense for every advertiser, but certain brands may greatly benefit from using the designation "official” in their ad copy, especially if you are trying to distinguish yourself from knockoffs and affiliates...

  2. BoE’s Cunliffe: era of free liquidity is over

    He was the second senior supervisor to address the issue in recent weeks, after Charles Taylor – an official at the US Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) – told a conference in New York that regulators were "beginning to understand it...

  3. New head for Australian anti-money laundering unit

    Schmidt, a lawyer who spent most of his career in government, served as a senior official in the Australian cabinet office and in two government departments in public administration. Appointment signals new direction for unit, says minister

  4. New frontloading flap over €8bn clearing threshold

    We have an indicative estimate from Esma that it will enter into force from February, but crucially, frontloading doesn't begin when the rules enter into force; it's when it's published in the European Union's official journal, 20 days earlier.

  5. Spooky Google Doodles for Halloween 2014

    Lucky for us, the official Google Doodles archive includes doodles from this year, as well as those from previous years, so we can take a look back at what the search giant has done in the past. Just as Halloween has seen some evolution over the...

  6. Markit venture is first casualty of US swap flop

    Separately, start-up Sefs complained of long delays in being granted the licenses by Markit, which they needed in order to start offering trading in CDS products in the run-up to the official start of the US Sef regime in October 2013.

  7. CCP resolution guidelines ‘a missed opportunity’

    One senior CCP official has likened the situation to a hostage crisis. CPMI-Iosco and FSB guidance should be more proscriptive, says industry Newly issued international guidance on recovery and resolution regimes for central counterparties (CCPs...

  8. Shanghai RMB crude contract faces margin and legal hurdles

    China first proposed launching its own crude oil futures contract as early as 2012 but it was delayed and in May this year an official from the China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) said the contract would instead be launching in the...

  9. Don’t Forget to Invest in Content (Not Just “Content Marketing”)

    You make your case before ever picking up the phone or engaging in an official sales call. Sitting at the table, I've found I'm having a far easier time "selling" clients on the importance of creating that culture video, putting together that...