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Office Personnel Management

  1. Are the CFTC, SEC and Fed equipped for their new powers?

    Given those resources, the Fed should be better placed to tackle its new supervisory responsibilities, which include greater authority on capital requirements and liquidity standards and the power to investigate the activities of regulated bank...

  2. Waiting and watching the regulators

    Many hedge funds have minimal back office personnel and so this will be an added expense,” she says. However, as long as the regulation is appropriate and not excessive, we believe it can bring long-term benefits to the industry and its reputation...

  3. Trading with restraint

    Do personnel in both management and the trading organisation have an appropriate perspective on the control environment and where risks are managed? Establishing and enforcing 'user profiles' for trading area personnel

  4. Moment of truth

    To ask the question is extremely important, but to answer only with a claim to increase the personnel would not be appropriate for this situation. It is within the scope of the Federal Office of Social Security.