SEO News

Oct 4

  1. What Makes a YouTube Ad Worth Spreading?

    According to the Viral Video Chart, this YouTube ad has been shared 252,351 times since it was uploaded on Oct. This week, let's check out some examples of YouTube ads that went viral in 2010. One is "Old Spice | The Man Your Man Could Smell Like.

  2. Social Media in the NFL

    As of Oct 27, the average NFL Twitter account had 23,493 followers, followed 1,523 people, and had made an average of 2,738 tweets. Last August the NFL announced its social media policy. In it they announced that players were allowed to use social...

  3. Twitter DM Insecurity, SEO Tips, Latest on Google, Yahoo & Bing - Search Week in Review for Oct. 9, 2010

    Here's a roundup of this week's other columns and news stories for the week of 8, as reported by Search Engine Watch, as well as search news and tips from around the web. That's what the crew at Ontolo is promising, as it gets closer to...

  4. Visualizing the Social CRM Process

    Early Bird rates expire Oct. Now let's walk through a potential social CRM process, so that you can visually see what we're dealing with and how it fits within an organization. Before we walk through the process diagram (thanks to Mitch Lieberman...