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  1. What Marketing Executives Say About Content Targeting

    Anecdotally, it has been our observation that although many organizations have made enormous strides in content sophistication many organizations still have some major evolving to do to escape a "content frenzy" — a state of furiously creating...

  2. AdWords Christmas List: 6 New Features Google Should Add in 2013

    It seems, from observation that the teams within Google don’t work as closely as we would think they do. For me, what I really want to unwrap are a few gifts from Google. My 2013 wish list includes a few new AdWords features and new functionality.

  3. Obama vs. Romney: Search for Next President Reveals Astonishing Facts

    The graphs are fascinating and yet again, our observation is an expectable one. We are able to elect our leaders and live without limitation. Nevertheless, there are masses of statistics that verify what we really do.

  4. WordPress and Unicorns (Or: Why I Actually Love WordPress)

    Everything is based on experimentation and observation, so it comes as somewhat a surprise that my last article was received with such criticism. The irony of SEO is that nearly everything involved in the industry is speculation and theory.

  5. Exploiting Tomorrow: As New Virtual World Features Develop, Security Struggles To Catch Up

    Meeroo owners and breeders created an avalanche of fervor for the creatures which has continued, to my observation anyway, unabated since their release. The speed at which changes and new concepts were being pushed out had increased, and it seemed...

  6. Eggs and Baskets: How Second Life's Facebook Marketing Has Backfired

    From my observation, the biggest use, sadly, seems to be the rampant abuse of Unicode, allowing people to mangle the appearance of their existing names using specialized characters to make them all but unreadable.