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  1. Obama vs. Romney: Search for Next President Reveals Astonishing Facts

    President Obama’s website maintains a relatively flat level of interest which is to be expected due to his current term as president. Romney’s paid search is adequate, but in order to contrast we need to take a look at incumbent President Obama’s...

  2. Hitwise Tracks Presidential Candidates' Social Media Campaigns

    Obama s Facebook pages are the most visited among all the current candidates. Many suspected Trump of running for president as a ratings stunt for the 11th season of “The Apprentice,” and it seems his act ran out of steam after Obama released his...

  3. Startup America: Google, Facebook Among Companies to Lead White House Entrepreneurship Initiative

    Less than a week after announcing a commitment to entrepreneurship during the State of the Union address, the Obama administration announced Startup America, a national campaign to help create jobs and industries of the future.

  4. UK Election 2010: Britain's First 'Social Media Election'

    President Barack Obama's use of the Web on his way to the White House in 2008 has inspired British political parties to ramp up their digital campaigns for a general election expected in May. UK political parties look for Obama lessons (

  5. White House Supports Google's Pursuit for Uncensored Search in China

    President Obama made this clear at a town hall when he traveled to Shanghai. The White House has thrown its support behind Google in its quest to provide uncensored search in China. We support Google's action in a decision to no longer censure...

  6. Social Media Success Stories

    During Barack Obama's rise to the White House, he garnered 5 million fans on social media and 5.4 million clicked on an "I voted for Obama" Facebook button. How do I measure the ROI of social media? Often, when receiving these questions, it's...