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  1., Huffington Post Dominate Google News Results [Study]

    Rounding out the top 5 were Disney’s, and Here are the top 10 sites which appear in news integrations on (the number of times they appeared are in parenthesis):, (4,352)

  2. Vitaly Borker Gets 4 Years for Threats, Terror Used to Boost Google Rankings

    In a 2010 interview, he showed a NYTimes reporter his top ranking for the term, “Christian Audigier,” laughing that he outranked the designer’s own website. Shortly after the NYTimes first drew the nation’s attention to Borker’s bizarre and...

  3. Geronimo, Osama bin Laden Dead & More Searches Dominating Google, Yahoo, Bing

    Monday morning: osama bin laden dead
 navy seals
 al qaeda
 ground zero
 president obama
 al jazeera
 new york times
 twin towers
 usa today
 pakistan news
 benazir bhutto
 washington post

  4. Did Senator Wyden Save The Internet?

    The main mechanism of the bill is to interfere with the Internet's domain name system (DNS), which translates names like "" or "" into the IP addresses that computers use to communicate.