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  1. Google Buys Frommer’s Travel Guides in Yet Another Contested Move as a Content Publisher

    According to the NYT, Schmidt said Google is “careful to define a line where we don’t cross into content” and wanted to remain a “neutral platform for content and applications. Wiley’s announcement of the sale read, “On August 10, 2012, Wiley...

  2. Geronimo, Osama bin Laden Dead & More Searches Dominating Google, Yahoo, Bing

    Monday morning: osama bin laden dead
 navy seals
 al qaeda
 ground zero
 president obama
 al jazeera
 new york times
 twin towers
 usa today
 pakistan news
 benazir bhutto
 washington post

  3. North Korea Using Cyberattacks Against US, South Korea

    While the NYT has not concluded who is responsible beyond they "appear to have been launched by a hostile group or government", "the South Korean news agency Yonhap reported that the spy agency had implicated North Korea or pro-North Korea groups...

  4. Google Learns to Navigate Washington the Hard Way

    The NYT article says Google is getting poor attendance marks for its presence at political events. Google is finally starting to learn that the Schoolhouse Rock song, "I'm Just a Bill," forgot to include the part about lobbying.

  5. I'm Google, And I've Just Found...The Internet

    Share your impressions in the comments.via NYT A new patent filing by Google evokes images of a new advertising campaign by AT&T featuring tv anchor Bill Kurtis traveling to the furthest regions of the earth and using a mobile broadband card to...

  6. Introducing Google Without All the Google

    Paloheimo claims he received 3,000 visits the very first day.via NYT Want to search Google for results that don't include sites under the Google umbrella? Try Google Minus Google. The site shows YouTube-less, Knol-less, and Blogger-less results.

  7. Friendster Names Googler as New CEO

    Consumers Ok with Social Ads, But Rarely Find Them Targeted via NYT Friendster has named Google's regional managing director of South Asia, Richard Kimber, as its new CEO. It has also raised $20 million in funding.