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Numbers q4 2008

  1. European refineries face difficult times

    The problem is on a forward basis, given where margins are, you’re locking in some pretty ugly numbers. It’s never as bad as the pure numbers show you – people survive. BP reported its gross margin for northwest Europe at $3.26/bbl in 2009, a drop...

  2. Battling Click Fraud is Important for All Involved

    Seems everyone sees the presence of click fraud, but we're just disagreeing about the numbers. Click Forensics published its numbers for click fraud during Q4 2008 and it appears the fraud numbers are climbing.

  3. Yahoo's Search Ad Share Drops 40% in UK for Q4 2008

    These numbers were released by Efficient Frontier and include contextual advertising. Yahoo's Q4 UK search advertising share dropped from 13.9 percent in 2007 to 8.4 percent in 2008, a 40% decline. Making things worse is that UK search ad spend...

  4. SearchDay | Yahoo's New Era

    Track Those Alternate Conversions SEW EXPERTS: BY THE NUMBERS It's natural to think about revenue-generating events such as sales, leads generated, or ads clicked on when we think about conversions. KevinRyan

  5. SearchDay | Writing Sales Copy for Conversions

    Writing Sales Copy for Conversions BY THE NUMBERS One of the most common components you can test is sales copy. Today's Top Story: TimAsh Changing your approach to writing can often lead to a double-digit increase in conversion rates.

  6. SearchDay | Use Caution When Growing Your Site

    Use Caution When Growing Your Site BY THE NUMBERS If you're planning on rapidly expanding the size of your site, exercise some care. Traffic numbers reflect the company's lack of stickiness following its launch.

  7. Retail Search Ad Spend Up 33% So Far in Q4 2008

    And last year's Q3 didn't have an election to boost it's numbers. SearchIgnite has released data showing that the search ad spend for retailers is up 33% so far in the fourth quarter of 2008. The reason appears to be that multi-channel marketers...