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Numbers Decision Making

  1. Google Palestine: Is Google Taking Sides?

    In this case, we are following the lead of the UN, Icann [the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers], ISO [International Organisation for Standardisation] and other international organisations.

  2. Penguin 2.0 Forewarning: The Google Perspective on Links

    This article represents my opinions, but my company has worked on helping large numbers of sites get Google penalties removed. If the New York Times accepted a guest post from you, what are the chances that they would let you load rich anchor text...

  3. Mobile Purchase Path Insights for Successful Mobile Ad Campaigns [Study]

    Calls are a key activity along the mobile path to purchase and the study confirms that mobile marketers should ensure their campaigns include phone numbers as most consumers want to connect with the business before making a final purchase decision...

  4. Social Retail: Finding, Engaging & Cultivating Today’s Connected Consumer

    Phone calls to 1-800 numbers used to be the norm. These touch points offer lower-funnel access to consumers for brands in close proximity to the purchase decision. With the increase in reliance on friends and influencers in the purchase decision...