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  1. Yelp Trends Reveals What's Hot or Not Locally, But Beware of Unreliable Data

    The site gives the user a visual line graph with some rough numbers that are meant to indicate popularity. Yelp is turning 10 years old, and has announced it has accumulated 57 million reviews filled to the brim with colloquialisms and verbal memes.

  2. Google Analytics Helps You Filter Spider and Bot Traffic

    Some numbers suggest that on average, over one-third of all web traffic to a given site is an automated bot. If you enable the option to filter bots, you will very likely see a drop, possibly a significant drop, in traffic to your site, but your...

  3. How to Implement an Engaging Content Marketing Plan for the Finance Industry

    You go to the site to read about finance, but the site is friendly and doesn't make you feel like you're about to get lost in numbers and jargon. But it need not be that way. After all, everybody needsgood and reliable information when it comes to...

  4. How to Grow Your Google+ Fan Base to 1,000 Followers & Beyond

    As nice as it would be to just get the number and move on with +Post ads, don't give in to the urge to buy the numbers you need. +Post ads on the Google Display Network have been out of beta for several months now, but the engagement ad option is...

  5. Gender Bias in Marketing: Women Seen as Less Valuable Than Men [Research]

    However, Kim said he had high confidence in the data and its analysis, because the numbers between men and women "weren't even close. Both men and women have passionate views about the topic, and the subject is multifaceted and multilayered.