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Number Theory

  1. 4 SEO Myths & Conspiracy Theories Google's Matt Cutts Wants to Die

    And whoever emerges from one room we can just debunk that one conspiracy theory. There's a related conspiracy theory, or myth, which is Google makes its changes to try to drive people to buy ads. Then, there's the exact opposite conspiracy theory...

  2. Machine Learning Basics for Better Content & SEO Results

    Inductive reasoning is somewhat similar, in that it also involves extrapolating probabilities, but it's geared toward proving or disproving a specific theory. For example, if the theory is that a startled dog will snap at a threat, it will gather...

  3. Gamification in Marketing: Lessons from the Khan Academy Website

    That’s in keeping with motivation theory: give people a clear path to success. Giving an unknown online merchant your credit card number is hard. Giving someone your email address and phone number is pretty hard.

  4. Integrating Owned, Earned & Paid Media For Better SEO

    This is more than theory. In fact, a surprising number of brands manage these functions without the benefit of integrated planning and execution. As a result, enormous opportunities to effectively orchestrate these efforts for maximum impact are...

  5. Google AdWords Remarketing Lists For Search Ads (RLSA): The Ultimate Guide

    Since, in theory, someone who has been to your site and familiar with you is more likely to convert, this type of targeting can be very effective. At first, the number of list sizes between the two can be very different.

  6. Google, NASA Join Forces to Research Machine Learning

    D-Wave's computer, which for years has courted controversy regarding whether it really is a quantum computer, is a second generation unit that is rated at 512-qubit and makes use of quantum effects that in theory can deliver performance that is...

  7. International SEO Gone Wrong: 7 Assumptions Can Ruin Your Program

    This idea is great in theory, and there will even be times when this is the best option, but with many large and competitive markets this is a recipe for failure. Additional resources sound great in theory, but in practice every person you add to...

  8. Do, Know, Go: How to Create Content at Each Stage of the Buying Cycle

    So they should have been number one for all of these terms in theory. That makes sense in theory – but then you’re missing out on a stage much earlier in the cycle. Why do People Use a Search Engine? This is obviously starting at a basic question...

  9. The 5-Step Plan to PPC Prioritization for Maximum Profits

    This will also help weed out the tactics that could work well in theory, but might amount to only small gains despite a large time investment. Here, since CPC was being reduced by 40 percent, multiply the CPC number by 0.6 to factor in that decrease.