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Nuclear Waste

  1. Flying Saucer Spotted in Google Doodle: How to Play the Roswell UFO Logo Game

    Move right and fall into the hole in front of the cow, grab nuclear waste Pour nuclear waste on tree so it grows Pour the nuclear waste onto the tree so it grows Go back to the barn and give the nuclear waste to the horse

  2. Search Engines & Opinions: Just How Trustworthy Are Search Results?

    And what is more environmentally friendly: a nuclear plant with the radiation half-life of its nuclear waste or a coal plant with its carbon dioxide emissions and the need for natural resources? Nobody seems to want a nuclear power plant in their...

  3. Vanishing Act: The U.S. Government's Disappearing Data

    According to the American Library Association, the Department of Energy has removed 9,000 scientific research papers that contain keywords such as "nuclear" or "chemical" and "storage" from national laboratory web sites and is reviewing them to...