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Now In Search Beta Launches

  1. Google AdWords for Video Launches with Improved Targeting on YouTube

    Now that AdWords for Video is out of beta, Google has released a slew of new features for users to target and analyze the impact of your video ads. These essentially control whether you want your video ad to appear as a pre-roll to other videos, in...

  2. Trapit Discovery Engine Launches, on a 'Collision Course with Google'

    Trapit, a content discovery engine that learns your preferences and behaviors, has entered its open beta stage. While it doesn't strictly fall into the realm of search, a Trapit co-founder indicates that Google and Trapit are on a collision course.

  3. What Goodies Does Google+ Hold for International Search Marketers?

    Admittedly, Facebook currently supports 72 languages (including such novelties as ‘English (Upside Down)’, ‘English (Pirate)’ and ‘Leet Speak’ (for the true geeks), but seeing as Google+ is still in beta testing, it’s safe to assume that once it...