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No Brand Advertising Vertically

  1. Google's Path to Domination

    Terry Semel, Yahoo's chief executive at the time, planned to integrate all of its assets vertically and turn the focus back to the core business of search. Those focused on interactive advertising (formerly known as "new media") were really only...

  2. Marchex Consolidates Ad Platforms

    It provides small- and medium-sized businesses the opportunity to reach local customers directly through Marchex's OpenList and reach national customers through premium, vertically focused publishers.

  3. IndustryBrains Continues to Grow Vertically

    Marchex already has over 100 vertically focused and brand-name online publishers, such as BusinessWeek Online, The Motley Fool, and the Ziff Davis online properties. Since 2002, IndustryBrains has focused their contextual advertising program on a...