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  1. Is Social Conversation The Future Of Polls And Surveys ? [Study]

    Using advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques in the future is one option but adapting to the changing nature of language as social sites grow and mature remain a challenge. In a study called From Tweets to Polls: Linking Text...

  2. Machines in Translation: Do MT Engineers Dream of SElectric Sheep?

    Would you invest in NLP? Do words like NLP make you feel you're already translating a foreign language? Your challenge: Hire specialists in any field to do machine translation better. You're working on the Next Big Thing.

  3. Buys "Answer Extraction" Engine Brainboost for $4 Million in Cash and Some Shares of Restricted Stock

    Word from that they've acquired an "answer extraction" database that utilizes NLP (natural language processing), for $4 million in cash and 439,000 shares of restricted stock.