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Nigritude Ultramarine

  1. Why Quality Content is Key For Search Engines

    Anthony sited the example of a blog by Anil Dash who won a SEO contest by achieving top ranking for the non-existent keyword: "nigritude ultramarine" by simply asking his readers to link to his blog. How did the subject of "content" find its way...

  2. Loquine Glupe SEO Contest Begins

    In the spirit of the nigritude ultramarine and seraphim proudleduck SEO contests, the latest one is for being tops on Google by March 1 for the term loquine glupe. More details here. Checking Google, there's 1,230 pages already listed for the term.

  3. The Nigritude Ultramarine Search Engine Optimization Contest

    Look at the bottom of the gallery's home page, and you'll see this: help smugmug win a fun online contest: nigritude ultramarine. That can't be said for the latest one, which has SEO companies and others scrambling to rank tops on Google for the...