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Night Kitchen

  1. Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics in Landing Page Optimization

    My finding was that there were no ants in my kitchen at all during the study period. For example, let's say that I set up an experiment to count the ants in my kitchen and tracked it for a full week during a record winter cold spell.

  2. On a Slow Search News Day: My Google Sauce Dream

    They wanted the kitchen to use Google Sauce in a pasta meal. So it is with great pride that I share with you a dream I had involving Google last night. My daily search news duties are a bit slow today due to some apparently big government change of...

  3. AOL Video To Launch New Video Portal

    Expo TV - Product reviews and demonstrations from experts and viewers on a variety of topics including cars, electronics, home and kitchen appliances, parenting gear and much more. The company that put the “soap” in soap operas presents the P&G...