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  1. Writing Sales Copy for Conversions

    Web usability expert Jakob Nielsen in 1997 wrote, "How users read on the Web: they don't. Nielsen's pioneering work in this area has been confirmed by a lot of subsequent research. Our company routinely runs large-scale landing page optimization...

  2. Top 5 Non-SEO Ways to Increase Your Search Rankings

    Jakob Nielsen is considered to be a foremost authority of Web site usability factors, and he also has a knack for SEO. SEO involves getting lots of moving pieces coming together in the right way to form a perfect storm of sorts, which equates to...

  3. New French Relevancy Study Puts Yahoo & Google Tied For First But Search Overall As Disappointing

    But at the suggestion of Jakob Nielsen, Jean did a new comparison of scores, to take into account that users may be happy if they get at least one good result per search, rather than 10 of them. Jean Véronis has published the results of a...

  4. Search Forums Roundup: Oct. 21, 2005

    Today's SearchDay, Search Engine Forums Spotlight, features our weekly links to this week's hot topics from search engine forums across the web: October 2005 Google Update - Does Your Blog Pass the Jakob Nielsen Test?