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  1. Yahoo iPhone App Gets Story Summaries, Better Video & Image Search

    Summly is a summarization tool that was created in 2010 by teenage entrepreneur Nick D'Aloisio. Yahoo has launched an iPhone app using Summly's technology less than a month after buying the firm. Yahoo bought Summly for $30 million in late March.

  2. Is Google's Unified Privacy Policy Illegal in Europe?

    We have engaged fully with the data protection authorities involved throughout this process, and we’ll continue to do so going forward.The director of privacy advocates Big Brother Watch, Nick Pickles, said the move by the ICO should serve as a...

  3. Leverage Twitter's Influence To Work For Your Brand

    A recent BazaarVoice study –one that analyzed conversations across 26 million tweets, 8,000 radio and TV mentions, 17 months of stock data, over 18 months of Google query data, and 270,000 user generated reviews for the same 13 brands – found that...

  4. Google Spent $14.3 Million on U.S. Lobbying in 2012

    According to Nick Nyhart, CEO and president of nonprofit campaign reform group The Public Campaign, tech firms have started to spend like the oil companies and banks before them. Google spent more on U.S.lobbying efforts than any other technology...